Timeline: Ten times Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman created chaos in the region

Timeline: Ten times Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman created chaos in the region
In the three years Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been at the helm of Saudi Arabia's government, he has created chaos at home and abroad.
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06 March, 2018
Mohammed bin Salman is due to visit the UK [Getty]
Young and bullish Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has created turmoil in the region during his three years at the centre of the Saudi royal court.

The war in Yemen has left thousands dead. A new cold war with Iran has erupted and there has been a near collapse in decades of Gulf unity during the crown prince's tenure in power.

Two months after he was appointed the youngest defence minister in the world in January 2015, the ambitious prince soon thrust Saudi Arabia into the Yemen conflict.

A Saudi-led military alliance backed Yemen President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and began airstrikes in the Arab world's poorest country in March 2015. 

Around 10,000 people have died - mostly civilians - many from the Saudi-led air campaign and the kingdom's blockade on Yemen.

Disease and hunger have gripped Yemen while on the ground the two sides - Hadi's government and Houthi rebels - are deadlocked.

Growing poverty and frustrations at the war have given rise to extremist groups.

Two years later, Mohammed bin Salman took aim at Qatar with Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain launching a blockade on the country.

The Saudi-led alliance has not met its aim of bringing Qatar to its knees, but it has sown divisions within the Arab world and frustrated the US and UK - who see both Riyadh and Doha as allies.

This timeline explains Mohammed bin Salman's rapid rise to power and how the region quickly slipped into chaos.