Taking two steps back, and one step back in Gaza: Reconstruction challenges after Israeli attacks

2 min read
06 May, 2022

This week on The New Arab Voice, we explore the difficulties of reconstructing in Gaza following Israeli attacks. 

One year ago, Israel launched a devastating attack on the narrow strip, killing hundreds and injuring hundreds more. Additionally, thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed or badly damaged. 

When a ceasefire is reached, those who have lost homes or businesses are frequently unable to rebuild, due to the Israeli blockade of Gaza. 

It was put in place by Israel in 2007, and since then has been described as collective punishment and a breach of international law. 

How can residents of Gaza rebuild their lives, while living behind the blockade? What can international powers do to help lift the blockade and ensure reconstruction? Where is all the money that has been pledged by donors? Could Fatah in the occupied West Bank help lift the blockade?

We speak with Najla Shawa (@WhateverInGaza). A resident of Gaza and a food security and livelihoods manager for the charity Oxfam. And Yara Asi (@Yara_M_Asi). Assistant professor and Global Health Management and Informatics at the University of Central Florida and a visiting scholar at the FSB Center for Health and Human Rights at Harvard University.


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