Syrian rebels expect Arab air support 'within days'

Syrian rebels expect Arab air support 'within days'
Analysis: In the south of Syria, a regime offensive has failed and rebels say they will launch a massive offensive in Daraa province with regional air support.
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30 April, 2015
Syrian rebels are said to be readying themselves for an offensive in Daraa [Anadolu]
On Syria's southern front - in Daraa and Quneitra - rebels say that big changes are afoot.

A source from the Free Syrian Army operating in Daraa has told al-Araby al-Jadeed that the armed opposition has been promised aerial support by Arab powers.

At the very least, the source expects its regional supporters to provide the rebels with anti-aircraft missiles.

Our source - an officer in the Yarmouk army who wished to remain anonymous - said this comes as the rebels ready themselves for a massive military offensive in Daraa province.

If Arab intervention does not come, they will begin the assault regardless, he said.

Ayman al-Asimi, a member of the rebels' southern military command is confident of outside support coming "within days". 

He says that this alone would not be enough to lead to the downfall of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, but it would exhaust the regime.

Asimi believes this would be enough to extract concessions out of the regime, such as the departure of Assad, which could eventually lead to an end to the war.

The rebel commander believes that the US has been attempting to rehabilitate Assad's image - and this has failed, given the recent geo-political changes in the region. 

Many analysts have suggested that Tehran's influence has declined following the Saudi-led offensive on Houthi rebels who are backed morally - if not materially - by Iran.

For Damascus, Iran's support is essential for its survival.

This article is an edited translation from our Arabic edition.