Special coverage: Trump marches to the White House

Special coverage: Trump marches to the White House
A look at The New Arab's coverage of the Trump phenomenon so far.
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11 November, 2016

Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, real-estate mogul and reality TV show star, will be the 45th president of the United States, winning the general election in a shock victory.

Trump was announced victor over his rival, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, after media outlets projected that the bombastic property tycoon had secured victory in Wisconsin, passing the 270 electoral college votes he required to secure the presidency.

Although Clinton's campaign had been recently rocked by revelations that the FBI were re-investigating the Democratic candidate in connection with a controversial email scandal, polls in the build up to election day still put her ahead.

Trump's victory came off the back of surprise victories in Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio, while wins in rust belt states such as Wisconsin and Michigan - traditional Democratic states - secured the Republican candidates ascension to the White House.

The Republican nominee's victory ranks among one of the most improbable in modern US history and comes despite a campaign rocked by controversy, and marred by a record of racist and sexist behaviour, and a lack of conventional political experience.

Catch up on The New Arab's coverage of the Donald Trump phenomenon.

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