Khaled Abol Naga offends Egyptian regime

Khaled Abol Naga offends Egyptian regime
Actor may be forced to appear before a military tribunal after posting anti-regime comments on his social media pages.
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04 November, 2014
Actor calls Egypt's protest laws unconstitutional [Getty].

Egyptian actor Khaled Abol Naga has launched a major offensive against the current Egyptian regime. Using social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram he has described Egypt’s protest laws as unconstitutional, and called for them to be eradicated.

Most of Abol Naga’s posts over the past few days have been political. However, social media users have found his sharp views out of character, suggesting they may negatively affect his work.

"Down with the unconstitutional protest laws. Freedom for youths who have been unjustly detained. Down with the military's ideology,” the actor tweeted. He also argued the war on terrorism was expected to become a war on youths rebelling against military rule in Egypt. 

"We must unite instead of launching defamation campaigns.

     Freedom for the detainees. Our enemy is one. It’s not Ala Abdel Fattah and other youths
- Khaled Abol Naga

Freedom for the detainees. Our enemy is one. It’s not Ala Abdel Fattah [a political activist], and other youths," he added.

There were mixed reactions to Abol Naga’s views on social media. Some people attacked him saying he should leave the country. Others supported him by asking for those detained to be freed.

Egyptian lawyer Dr Samir Sabri who is known for supporting the current regime filed a complaint to the military's public prosecutor, accusing the actor of insulting the armed forces, inciting violence, and calling for the government to be overthrown.

Abol Naga also published 22 pictures on his Instagram account of youths who had been detained. Under them he wrote: "Down with the protest law.” One was of Sanaa Seif, an activist who has been sentenced to three years in prison.

The lawyer said the actor was attacking the esteemed military institution, inciting violence and calling for the overthrow of the regime. All of these he argued were crimes that needed to be investigated and referred to the military court.

Sabri has presented the case and if it is approved Abol Naga will be subjected to a military trial.

The actor has not commented on the case on social media. Instead he recently celebrated his birthday on Facebook by taking a selfie and saying: “Happy Birthday to me.”

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