International Women's Day: Special coverage

International Women's Day: Special coverage
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08 March, 2019
Celebrating women around the world.
Who run the world?

That's right, women.... Here at The New Arab we celebrate women every day  be it those strong women battling their daily struggles, to those fighting the patriarchy, to those making us proud with all their achievements. We have a whole special section dedicated to the fight for women's rights. 

Women are amazing.

Every year we have incredible stories about incredible women around the world. This year and last year was no different. We've had stories about Syrian refugee women who have taken on the roles of breadwinners to support their families, women in Turkey who were once just seen as housewives now starting their own businesses, Tunisians taking to the streets pushing for their rights and equality, British Muslim women who have had enough of the media's narrative on who and what they are, now taking control and speaking for themselves. And Muslim women in the US taking on a tricky era of politics by storm, even under the control of, well an admitted sex offender.

Of course, with positives come negatives and there is still a long way to go before things completely change. But join us today to celebrate women, to shout about their success and to continue pushing for their rights. Happy Women's Day!

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