Europe's migration crisis: In-depth coverage

Europe's migration crisis: In-depth coverage
Special feature: The tragic mix of vulnerable people fleeing war-torn countries and the European Union's efforts to keep its doors closed to migrants has led to thousands of deaths.
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23 April, 2015
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The deaths of hundreds of men, women and children in the Mediterranean sea in recent weeks have thrown light on the failings of European Union (EU) migration policy.

The UN reports that more than 1,700 people have died or gone missing in the sea so far in 2015. The death toll has soared since Italy cancelled a search-and-rescue operation late last year (see infographic above).

At an emergency meeting in Brussels on Thursday, European leaders pledged to triple funding for operations in the Mediterranean to prevent migrant deaths and destroy the capabilities of traffickers.

Rights organisations, however, condemned the new policy for failing to prioritise the saving of lives or offering migrants meaningful protection.

In this package of special reports, we look in-depth at the issues surrounding forced migration. We speak to the migrants themselves to understand why people are willing to take such risks to reach European shores.

We will frequently update this page to provide special coverage of the latest developments, and we'll ask experts to explain why EU policy has so badly failed those who flee war and violence to seek safety on European soil.