Brexit: Special coverage of the UK's departure from Europe

Brexit: Special coverage of the UK's departure from Europe
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30 June, 2016
They think it's all over - as London and Brussels prepare for an acrimonious divorce, keep up to date with The New Arab's special coverage.



Hate crimes surge in post-Brexit Britain

 The fallout from Brexit: Lessons for America

Britain's decision to leave the EU has been seen by some as a validation of their racist and xenophobic sentiments, as reflected in the sharp rise in hate crimes, reports Taufiq Wan. Comment: Well-planned, comprehensive economic policies to help the working and middle classes must be adopted if the US is to avoid Brexit-style hypocrisy, write Andrew Leber and Nicholas Morley

 Brexit: The economic fallout for the Gulf region

A consequence of toxic policies...

In-depth: The UK vote to leave the EU rocked financial markets and international geopolitics - but how will the British departure from the EU affect the economies of Gulf states? Comment: The economic and political aftershocks of Brexit will weaken the EU and perhaps eventually lead to its disintegration, making way for the appeasement of Russian aggression, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab

Obama, Brexit and the world of opportunities Brexit, right-wing racism and Jo Cox
On the final day of the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit, President Barack Obama made his first public reaction to Brexit which threatens to disrupt his vision of an interconnected world, writes Paul McLoughlin. The murder of internationalist Labour MP Jo Cox highlights the underlying xenophobic sentiment of the 'Brexit' campaign, writes Sam Hamad.

Brexit: opposition leader faces crisis

Talking Turkey: Britain's toxic EU referendum
Westminster is awash with talk of a coup after Jeremy Corbyn's sacking of Hilary Benn is followed by a series of senior resignations. Comment: The referendum campaign around Brexit has contributed to racist attitudes towards Turkey, but this is nothing new for Britain, writes James Snell.

David Cameron resigns Brexit emboldens Putin, but it's not too late
Video: David Cameron has announced his resignation following the EU Brexit results on Friday, confirming his successor will be announced by October. Robert E. Hunter, veteran US diplomat, analyses how Brexit will weaken West in the eyes of foes, and calls on US to show leadership to undo some of the damage

Middle East indexes tumble on first day of post-Brexit trading Post-Brexit playground politics: Will Europe ever learn?
Gulf authorities await clarity over the full impact of Britain's exit from the EU on stocks and investments. Comment: The knee-jerk, panicked response of EU leaders to Brexit reflects their inability to recognise what is wrong with their organisation, writes Robert Springborg

 Division and confusion as EU rethinks future #NotAllBrits is not good enough
Video: EU leaders meet without Britain for first time to rethink their shaken union, make it more relevant to citizens and keep it from disintegrating after Britain's vote to leave. Blog: If your first response to hearing about a racially motivated attack in the UK is thinking 'not all Brits are racist,' you're part of the problem, writes Sarah Williams.


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