Boldly going where no charger has gone before

Boldly going where no charger has gone before
Feature: Bold Knot is a revolutionary mobile phone charger, developed by two Palestinian engineers, which looks set to take the world by storm, reports Muhammad Obeidat.
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01 June, 2015
Despite obvious hurdles, Palestinian engineers are well-known innovators in the Middle East [AFP]
Palestinian engineers Ismat Tuffaha and Lama Mansour have come up with a gadget predicted to take the world by storm

Bold Knot is a portable battery pack that doubles as a keychain. The makers market it as being the world's fastest iPhone charger, claiming phone batteres are restored to full power twice as fast as its competitors. 
Made from strong and durable parachute chords, the subtle and iconic design of the Bold Knot will charge itself after it has fully charged the phone. The small battery pack can give mobiles a three-hour power boost.  

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The pair have targetted the fast-growing portable technology market, and are understood to be making significant revenues just days after the release of the product.
The Bold Knot's adverts have some bold claims [IndieGoGo]

"The idea came from the need to charge your phone if your battery ran out - especially while being out and about, but the market does not currently offer small, effective and high quality chargers with few cables," Tuffaha said. 

"We were able to produce a small and attractive charger that charges very fast and delivers three hours of power."

The Bold Knot is being sold online for $39, and the pair say they shifted 1,200 pieces in less than a week.

Both engineers are from the occupied Palestinian city of Nablus, and say they had to target international markets because of a lack of interest from domestic companies. 

Despite the setback, the engineers are looking at producing more gadgets that can be manufactured in the Arab world, putting Palestine on the map as a hub for innovation and technology.