Aleppo in crisis: Special coverage

Aleppo in crisis: Special coverage
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16 December, 2016

Through more than five years of fighting in Syria, the city of Aleppo has stood as a bastion of groups opposed to the continuing bloody rule of President Bashar al-Assad.

An alliance of forces and ideologies, from troops supported by the West and Turkey, to armed groups linked to al-Qaeda, held the eastern part of the city through months of siege and bombardment by Assad's air force and their Russian and Iranian allies.

But, after a huge regime offensive in recent days, it appears the battle for the city is nearly over. Thousands of civilians trapped by the fighting between rebels, jihadists and forces loyal to the Syrian state are awaiting a final evacuation from the city.

Assad's re-taking of control here signifies a huge blow to the rebellion, and a massive strategic gain for Damascus.

Catch up with our coverage.

Shots fired, Aleppo evacuations 'halted' Palmyra: US forces to 'clean up' after Russia's rout
Syrian pro-regime forces have halted evacuations from east Aleppo after an exchange of fire at the Ramoussa crossing where pro-government fighters are demanding evacuations of opposition-besieged towns. White House spokesperson told reporters the US was considering sending armed forces to repel Islamic State from Palmyra, after Russian and Syrian soldiers retreated without resistance.
Putin 'seeking Syria-wide ceasefire' after levelling of Aleppo Thousands evacuated from Aleppo as 50,000 remain trapped
Putin, currently in Japan, has said that talks with Erdogan will take place in Astana, Kazakhstan's capital on future steps in Syria Some 3,000 people were evacuated from east Aleppo on Thursday under a new deal struck between rebels and regime forces, while another 50,000 people remain trapped in the city.
Kerry warns Aleppo must not become new Srebrenica First east Aleppo evacuees reach rebel-held territory
US Secretary of State John Kerry warned Thursday that tens of thousands of Syrian civilians are still trapped in east Aleppo and must not face a Srebrenica-style massacre. Following initial delays amid ongoing violence and confusion, around 1,000 people are set to be evacuated from east Aleppo.
#Trending: Arab social media users wake up to scale of Aleppo disaster Violence and uncertainty stalls vital east Aleppo evacuation process
Social media users have rushed to express their outrage at the brutal bombardment of the last rebel resistance in east Aleppo, as the city finally fell into regime hands. The Red Cross and Arab Red Crescent staff are on the ground but remain uncertain of conditions of the evacuation deal, including where those being evacuated are heading.
East Aleppo evacuation underway after violence, uncertainty, delays UN: summary executions, enforced disappearances in Aleppo
Evacuations from east Aleppo began on Thursday following drawn out negotiations, with aid organisations still unclear over certain terms of the agreement between the Syrian regime and rebel groups. The UN's Commission of Inquiry for Syria (COI) said Wednesday it received reports of summary executions by regime forces as well as the use of human shields by some factions
Qatar cancels festivities in solidarity with Aleppo Syria and the revolution against the world
Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has ordered the cancellation of the country's National Day festivities in solidarity with the people of Syria's war-ravaged Aleppo. Comment: The Syrian revolution is part of a global, radical push for freedom that cannot be suppressed - ignore it at your peril, writes Salameh Kaileh.
Rape or murder: What would you choose? Journalist in Aleppo: 'I'm afraid I've been useless'
Women in Aleppo are choosing whether to kill themselves before they are raped by pro-regime henchmen - such is the reality of existence in Aleppo right now. Zouhir al-Shimale is one of the last English-speaking journalists left in Aleppo. He spoke to Francesca Mannocchi.
Escaping Aleppo: 'Bombs are falling all around us' The Syrian rebellion: The first of Trump's many victims?
Aleppo locals speak about their harrowing escape attempts from the Syrian battleground city under a brutal military assault. Comment: In many ways, Trump befits our times, not as a solution to the great problems of our age, but rather as a symptom of them, writes Sam Hamad
EU sets Syria conditions for post-war reconstruction funding Aleppo 'one of the worst crises in years'
EU stipulates that post-war Syria must allow space for an opposition to President Bashar al-Assad if reconstruction funding is to be given. A statement from the aid organisation Doctors without Borders has warned of its 'deep fears' for the future of Aleppo.
Aleppo 2017: It's only going to get worse Iran blocks Aleppo evacuation deal to add 'new conditions'
Comment: The moral cost of allowing Assad's forces and allies to behave as they choose is being an accomplice to the mass-murder in Aleppo and empowering extremism, writes Kyle Orton. Iran has blocked a Russian-Turkish deal in Aleppo to evacuate injured civilians because it wants to add "new conditions" to the agreement.
Heavy, systematic shelling and air raids pound east Aleppo 'Have you literally no shame?' Power slams Aleppo atrocities
Airstrikes and shelling hits east Aleppo as the terms of the UN-brokered ceasefire are broken almost immediately early Wednesday morning. The US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, has slammed the Syrian, Russian and Iranian governments amid reports of summary executions and mass civilian casualties in Aleppo.
Syria envoy uses Fallujah picture in speech about Aleppo Protests held worldwide in solidarity with Aleppo
Syria's UN ambassador Bashar al-Jaafari tried to show the world a heartwarming image of a Syrian soldier helping an old woman in Aleppo - only it was a complete lie. Worldwide outrage over killings in Aleppo by regime forces brought people on the streets of European and US cities on Tuesday to protest against Western inaction.