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Israeli protestors urge removal of Netanyahu over hostages

Israeli demonstrators urge removal of Netanyahu in town where he has private estate
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03 December, 2023
Israeli protesters have urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government to immediately bring home the remaining hostages held by Hamas in Gaza since 7 October.
Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly been criticised for failing to bring all Israeli hostages back from Gaza [Kena Betancur/Getty-archive]

Israeli demonstrators urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu be removed on Saturday in a town where the premier has a private estate.

It came as thousands of people turned out in different parts of Israel to urge immediate freedom for the hostages kept by Hamas in Gaza. The primary demonstration occurred in Tel Aviv Museum's plaza, which the Haaretz newspaper said "has been named 'Hostages Square'".

Eran Litman, whose daughter was killed during Hamas's 7 October surprise attack, attended the protest in Caesarea, where Netanyahu's estate is.

"The hands of the Israeli government, and its leader, are covered in blood," he was quoted as saying by Haaretz.

"The prime minister insists on not taking any responsibility for this failure. Therefore, I can no longer remain silent."

Litman accused Netanyahu and his government of promoting "a dictatorial-messianic policy that led to a real harm to the lives and safety of the residents of Israel".

"Every day that this government remains in office costs us lives," he said.

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An invite to the rally said the "sound of the blood of our brothers and sisters shouts to us from the ground".

"We known who bears the blame," it added. "We must not be silent. It is our duty to cry out. Because of the failure, for the future."


A weeklong truce in Gaza war collapsed on Friday. Israel has resumed its brutal military campaign in the strip, which has killed over 15,500 people since the conflict began on 7 October.

Hamas's surprise attack that day killed some 1,200 people. Around 110 have since been freed, mainly during the truce, which also saw 240 Palestinians held by Israel released.

Families of hostages have repeatedly condemned Netanyahu and the government he leads for failing to bring all those taken captive home.

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