From Dune's vaguely Arabic language to Anya Taylor-Joy's hijab red carpet look, Hollywood loves to sell Muslim culture while erasing us, writes


Instead of romanticising 'organisers', we must all carry the mantle of resistance against Israel's genocide in Gaza, writes Ruqaiyah Damrah.

In Israel's post-war scenario, carpet bombing is replaced by a matrix of surveillance, separation and control similar to the West Bank, writes Anna

Israel is deliberately targeting Gaza's health lifeline to maximise its ethnic cleansing. International humanitarianism has failed, writes Beauty

A time of celebration became a fight for survival. Through grief and displacement, Tahani Shehada vows to rebuild the life she had before Israel's war

Opinion - Narrated Ashes of my Home Gaza

After Israeli airstrikes destroyed her family home, Eman Alhaj Ali reflects on the generations of lives, dreams and memories shattered by Israel's war

Opinion - Narrated Gazan Abroad

Far from home, Mohammed Seyam reflects on the horror, helplessness and grief he lives with as he watches Israel's genocidal assault on Gaza.


Arnesa Buljusmic-Kustura reflects on Israel's war on Gaza, the ICJ case, and this historic moment: have we learned from the past or are we doomed to


From Western leaders using the Holocaust to repress Palestine solidarity, to Israel dishonouring its memory by using it to mobilise support for its


Muslims have been so dehumanised that our death is expected and accepted for the comfort of the Western world, writes Mariya bint Rehan.

Opinion- Texas A&M Qatar

The closure of the university's Qatar campus is part of a campaign by the pro-Israel lobby to discredit Doha's diplomacy on Gaza, writes Marc Owen

Whether its censorship, intimidation or distortion, resisting language policing is key for liberation in Palestine and beyond, writes Lujain Al-Meligy

Opinion- Israel killing journalists Gaza

Israel's systematic targeting of journalists in Gaza and its brazen genocidal statements are both the product of decades of impunity, writes Ahmed