One state, two state: Palestine's reality

One state, two state: Palestine's reality
Infographic: Much of the global discussion would have us believe Palestinian and Israeli leaderships are two separate spheres of sovereignty, however the reality is very different.
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06 Sep, 2018
Talking about a Palestinian state as autonomous is incredibly misleading [Getty]
Much of the international debate has centred around a two-state solution and what it means for the Palestinians, with the implication being that Israel and Palestinian leadership share similar levels of sovereignity and control. 

But such discourse does not explain the reality on the ground. Palestinians living in Israel receive none of the rights or benefits a state owes to those it governs. Israel however, controls every aspect of Palestinian life.

President Donald Trump has tasked his son-in-law Jared Kushner and lawyer Jason Greenblatt to draft a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians, insisting it would be "very good" for Palestinians.

Trump's comments are however viewed with scepticism in Gaza and the West Bank - as well as everywhere else. His administration is seen as an attempting to force a deal on the Palestinians that is believed to be vastly more favourable towards Israel.

Washington is also viewed as using aid money to pressure Palestinians to agree, something Ramallah has so-far resisted.

"Israel exercises de facto sovereignty over the Palestinian territories, controlling all facets of Palestinian life and livelihood - there is only one state that determines the currency Palestinians can use (Israeli Shekel), or the ID number they receive (from the Israeli population registry) or their ability to import products (via the Israeli customs system)," says Visualizing Palestine.

A new infographic from the design-led activist group, titled "The One State Reality", highlights the reality facing the Palestinians, and challenges the concept of a two state solution.

"Given the situation on the ground today, a two state solution would be yet another manifestation of "separate and unequal".

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