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US drones fly over Gaza in search for American hostages

US drones flying over Gaza as part of ongoing search for US hostages
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03 November, 2023
The US has vowed that it will support Israel in its military action in the Gaza Strip, with said support including arms shipments to Israel.
Israel's bombardment of the Gaza Strip has killed 9,277 Palestinians, including 3,826 children [Getty]

The United States has been flying surveillance drones over Gaza in search of hostages taken by Hamas when they launched an assault on southern Israel on 7 October, two US officials said on Thursday.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity the sources said the US was flying intelligence-gathering drones over Gaza to assist with hostage location efforts. One of the officials said they had been carrying out the drone flights for over a week.

Israel has killed more than 9,200 Palestinians in its bombardment of Gaza, including 3,826 children.

US officials have said 10 Americans who remain unaccounted for may be among the hostages which are believed to be held in Hamas' extensive tunnel network.

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Israeli officials have recently updated the figure of hostages taken during Hamas' assault to 241 people.

Israeli forces on Thursday encircled Gaza City - the Gaza Strip's main city - in their assault on Hamas, which resisted with hit-and-run attacks from underground tunnels.

The city in the north of Gaza has become the focus of attack for Israel, which has vowed to annihilate the Islamist group's command structure and has told civilians to flee to the south, although targets have been heavily bombed in the south also.

Hamas fighters killed 1,400 people, mostly civilians, according to Israeli officials on 7 October, following months of deadly raids in the West Bank.

Israel's retaliatory bombardment of besieged Gaza has led to increased pressure on Israel by parts of the international community to enact a ceasefire with hospitals running out of fuel and emergency supplies.  

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