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US to blame for Muslim poverty, IRGC tells Pakistan

US to blame for Muslim poverty, Iran Guards commander tells Pakistan
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29 June, 2022
Hossein Salami, commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps told a top Pakistani official that the US is the reason for poverty, displacement and prolonged instability in the Muslim world
Hossein Salami said Iran sees Pakistan's security as important as its own [Getty]

The US military presence in the Muslim world is the reason for poverty, division, insecurity, and conflict in these countries, a top Iranian military commander has told a Pakistani official.

In a meeting with Pakistan's Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Nadeem Raza in the Iranian capital Tehran, Hossein Salami, commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) condemned the impact of US interventions in Muslim-majority countries.

He accused Washington of stirring divisions among Muslim nations, prolonged wars, destruction of homes, displacement of people, insecurity, poverty, and underdevelopment, according to official news agency IRNA.

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Salami said Iran and Pakistan's challenges stem from "destructive" US interferences and presence in Afghanistan and the only way to reverse this is through a US withdrawal.

Iran shares a sometimes troubled border with Pakistan and has looked to boost cooperation, particularly on security issues.

Iranian forces have been attacked by Pakistani militants and in February the two countries said they would work closer on border security.

Tehran has also been accused of meddling in neighbouring countries, including Pakistan.

It has huge strategic, economic and political depth in Iraq and has bolstered Bashar Al-Assad's cruel regime in Syria.

Saudi Arabia also accuses it of arming and supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen.