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South Africans, Namibians remind Germany of genocidal past

Angered by support for Israel's war on Gaza, South Africans, Namibians would like to remind Germany of its genocidal past
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South Africa
13 February, 2024
Hundreds protest Germany's support for Israel post-ICJ rulings in South Africa, denouncing Berlin's hypocrisy and dark past of genocide in Africa and Europe
Germany continues cracking down on pro-Palestinian voice and express continuous support for Israel, as hearings for the case brought by South Africa against Israel will take place next week [Joseph Chirume]

Hundreds of activists from South Africa and Namibia staged protests outside German institutions in Cape Town and Johannesburg to protest Germany's support for Israel's war on Gaza in the wake of the International Court of Justice rulings against Israel in the case brought by South Africa and opposed by Berlin.

The ICJ on January 26 issued provisional orders compelling Israel to halt attacks on Palestinian civilians and ruled its actions constitute a plausible case of genocide. Israel has yet to comply with a single order.

Germany's actions also brought painful memories for descendants of the victims of the German genocide in the 19th century against the Herero and Nama tribes of Namibia.

In 2021 Germany acknowledged that it committed genocide against the Herero and Nama peoples in South West Africa (now Namibia) between 1904 and 1908.

Mswetsa said, “My great-grandmother was a survivor of Shark Island Extermination Camp, a peninsula situated in colonial Luderitz near the South African border with the Orange River.

“My great-grandmother was hearded to Okawayo Concentration Camp from where the prisoners were rented out to private companies for infrastructural projects. Others were rented out to the new German settlers who had taken over the agricultural land that was expropriated from 1905 onwards during the genocide. My great-grandmother worked as a slave for a German settler family and was sexually violated by the settler to whom  she was rented  out.”

Anger was palpable at various German centres where the protests were held as participants demanded that Germany stop its support of Israel.

Several civic organizations and ordinary people in South Africa are angry with the government of Germany for its support of Israel at the ICJ [Joseph Chirume]
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Germany's support for Israel

The Vice President of Namibia National Students Organization (NANSO), Luciano Kambala told The New Arab that they were not surprised by Germany’s support for Israel.

Descendants of the victims of Namibia's genocide sponsored by Germany are speaking up against the country's support for Israel, after it launched an ongoing attack on the Gaza Strip, killing more than 28,000 so far [Joseph Chirume]