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Netanyahu 'rejected hostages for ceasefire deal' in Gaza

Netanyahu reportedly rejected 'hostages for ceasefire deal' in Gaza
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10 November, 2023
Sources have said that Netanyahu rejected deals to free dozens of hostages held by Hamas, as he was unwilling to grant ceasefires
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said that there would be no ceasefire without the exchange of hostages [Photo by CHRISTOPHE ENA/POOL/AFP via Getty Images]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly rejected a negotiated deal over Israeli hostages that would have seen a five-day ceasefire in Gaza, according to sources familiar with the matter who spoke to The Guardian.

The deal would have seen the release of children, women, and elderly and sick hostages, the sources said.

Netanyahu's reported refusal of the proposed deal came soon after Hamas' initial 7 October attack on southern Israel that killed 1,400 Israelis.

Other sources had said that further negotiations had taken place for the release of a larger number of hostages prior to the ground offensive.

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The New York Times also reported on Wednesday that US and Arab officials told them that a deal for the release of 50 hostages was almost reached but fell through because Israel refused to allow Hamas the five days it requested to gather the hostages.

According to the Israeli government there are 240 hostages currently held in Gaza, with Netanyahu repeatedly taking the line that there would be no ceasefire without the release of hostages.


However, sources told The Guardian that each time a deal was nearing completion Netanyahu "would come back with tougher demands."

One such point of contention is a demand by Israel for Hamas to compile and provide a full list of the hostages held in Gaza. Hamas has stated that without a ceasefire such a list cannot be completed as it needed to "find" the hostages.

Hamas has also previously stated that multiple groups had taken hostages during the 7 October attacks. On 4 November Hamas's armed wing the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades stated that that Israeli bombings have meant that 60 hostages are missing, with 23 buried under rubble.

On Thursday the al-Qassam Brigades stated that an Israeli soldier held hostage in Gaza was killed and another wounded because of Israeli airstrikes. The claim comes as the armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad stated it was ready to release two Israeli hostages.

Israeli has indiscriminately bombed the Gaza Strip since 7 October, with 11,078 Palestinian civilians being killed, most of them women, children, and elderly people.