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Netanyahu pledges 'multi-front' conflict after Gaza strike

Netanyahu pledges 'multi-front' conflict after Israeli strikes kills 15 in Gaza
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09 May, 2023
Islamic Jihad has vowed to "avenge" the deaths of both resistance fighters and civilians, as the death toll has continued to mount.

A series of Israeli airstrikes have pummelled houses, flats and vehicles across the Gaza strip on Tuesday morning, killing four Islamic Jihad commanders and their families, including several women and young children.  

The explosions were heard in Gaza city, and as far away as Rafah on Gaza's southern border with Egypt. 

Palestinian armed resistance groups have vowed revenge, leading to fears of a spiralling conflict in Gaza as Netanyahu has warned of a 'multi-front conflict' with Iran and its alleged proxies. 

The Israeli army claimed it had targeted Islamic Jihad leadership, which it considers a terrorist organisation, and had hit "weapon manufacturing sites".

Funeral services in Gaza have already taken place for many of the victims, who were at home when their apartment building was struck. 

Israeli security forces have ordered inhabitants of settlements near the Gaza border to 'take cover' in anticipation of rocket attacks by Islamic Jihad avenging the deaths of their top commanders. 

The New Arab has concluded its live coverage from across Gaza and the West Bank on Tuesday - please join us again tomorrow when we resume.