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Lebanon's Amal movement says clashes aim to reignite strife

Lebanon's Amal movement says goal of Beirut street violence was to revive internal strife
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Lebanon's Amal movement - an ally of Iranian-backed Hezbollah - says the goal of last week's deadly street violence, in which seven people were killed, was to reignite internal strife.
Lebanon witnessed its worst bout of armed violence in years on Thursday as clashes between rival gunmen erupted, killing six and wounding 30 [source: Getty]

Lebanon's Shia Amal movement said on Monday that last week's street violence in Beirut aimed to reignite internal strife and threaten civil peace.

On Thursday, seven people were killed in Beirut as crowds headed for a protest called by Amal and its Iranian-backed ally Hezbollah.

The incident marked the worst street violence in over a decade and added to fears for the stability of a country that is awash with weapons and suffering an economic meltdown.

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Amal urged the authorities to arrest all those responsible.

Hezbollah blamed the Christian Lebanese Forces (LF) party for the deaths, an accusation that LF head Samir Geagea denied.

The LF condemned Thursday's events and blamed the violence on Hezbollah's "incitement" against Tarek Bitar, the lead investigator in a probe into last year's blast at Beirut port.