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Israel says it is 'moving ahead' with Rafah invasion

Israel is 'moving ahead' with Rafah invasion as south Lebanon hit with multiple strikes
15 min read
24 April, 2024
Israel said it is making preparations to invade Rafah, including relocating two battalions to the south and purchasing thousands of tents for civilians

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Israel said on Wednesday that it is "moving ahead" with its anticipated ground invasion into Gaza's southern city of Rafah, despite international concerns for the safety of the million civilians sheltering there.

"The four battalions which remain in Rafah cannot be shielded from Israel. They will be attacked," government spokesman David Mencer told a press briefing.

The military is reportedly organising a mass movement of the civilians into tents in Khan Younis, which is against advice of humanitarians who have warned that conditions are not suitable for living amid a collapse in sanitation and destruction of buildings.

The comments came as more dead bodies were discovered at a mass grave the Nasser Hospital complex in Khan Younis, bringing the total to over 400. Elderly people, women and children, have been found among the dead, aid sources have said.

Meanwhile, Israel pummelled south Lebanon in a round of heavy airstrikes throughout Wednesday near the border village of Aita al-Shaab, following a tit-for-tat exchanges with Hezbollah. The Israeli military said it struck "40 Hezbollah targets" in the area, including "storage facilities" and "weaponry".