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Ireland slams Israel’s treatment of Irish ambassador

Ireland slams Israel’s 'unacceptable' treatment of Irish ambassador
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25 May, 2024
Ireland's deputy premier has slammed Israel for reprimanding its Irish ambassador after showing unaired 7 Oct footage, calling it 'totally unacceptable'.
Micheál Martin slammed Israel's 'unaccaptable' treatment of its ambassador [GETTY]

Ireland's deputy premier, Micheál Martin, has slammed Israel for reprimanding its ambassador, calling it "totally unacceptable".

Ireland's Ambassador to Israel, Sonya McGuinness, was summoned to the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry in Jerusalem and reprimanded over Ireland's decision to recognise the state of Palestine.

The meeting, also attended by Spain and Norway, had Israel screen previously unaired footage of the 7 October attacks of Hamas taking female army conscripts captive before any discussions took place. Israeli media were also present.

Israel's foreign affairs minister, Israel Katz, said the video would be shown as part of a formal diplomatic protest known as a "severe demarche".

"I find that totally unacceptable and no way to treat diplomats and is outside the norm by which diplomats are treated in any country," Martin said.

While Ireland expected McGuinness to be called to the foreign ministry after its decision, it did not anticipate footage would be shown in front of Israeli media, which, Martin says, they had not "witnessed before in other countries or jurisdictions".

"Most people would accept internationally that that's not within the parameters of acceptable norms in terms of how people engage with diplomats," Martin said, maintaining Ireland's rejection of "any mono-ethnic approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict".

The premier said he will be discussing the matter with Katz.

Ireland, Norway and Spain announced their recognition of a Palestinian state on Tuesday, an announcement that angered Israel.

Israel warned there would be "severe consequences" for this decision, with Katz claiming Ireland had "rewarded terrorism" and awarded a "gold medal" to Hamas.

Martin has rejected Israel's mischaracterisation, accusing the state of misrepresenting the views of Ireland.

Israel also recalled its ambassadors in Dublin, Oslo, and Madrid for consultations, a sign of diplomatic tensions.

Bulgaria, Hungary, Sweden, and Cyprus are also among the 27 European Union members that have formally recognised Palestine as a state.