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Iran identifying possible Israeli targets after Syria strike

Iran 'identifying possible Israeli targets' after Damascus consulate strike
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04 April, 2024
The Iranian national security council asked military and security authorities to identify Israeli targets, sources close to decision makers in Iran said.
An Israeli strike in Syria on Monday killed seven Iranian military officials [LOUAI BESHARA/AFP/Getty]

Iran's national security council has requested the country's military identify possible Israeli targets, sources said, in an indication Tehran intends to respond after a deadly strike on its consulate in Damascus on Monday.

The strike in Syria killed seven Iranian military officials, most significantly senior commander Mohammad Reza Zahedi.

Zahedi's deputy General Mohammad Hadi Hajriahimi was also killed in the attack, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (ICRG) said in a statement.

Sources close to decision makers in Iran told The New Arab's Arabic edition Al-Araby Al-Jadeed  that the security council set a certain criteria for these targets, so that if struck it would not lead to an escalation or major confrontations in the region.

The sources said the Iranian government had informed the US through a message sent via Switzerland and Oman that it would respond to the Israeli attack.

Tehran warned Washington through the mediators against any interference, because this would "expose all America's interests in the region to serious danger" and "ignite the region".

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Iran is awaiting the return of the bodies of its dead from Syria and taking precautionary security measures in the neighbouring country and region, the sources said, suggesting that Iranian attacks could be likely in the coming days.

The sources' reports on the planned attacks come as Iran prepares to commemorate International Al-Quds Day on Friday.

International Al-Quds Day, or 'Jerusalem Day', was conceived by Iranian authorities to express support for Palestine and opposition to Israel.

The day takes place on the final Friday of the Islamic month of Ramadan each year.