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Hezbollah-linked group to remove 'encroachments' in Lebanon

'Hezbollah-linked environmental group' to remove controversial structures in southern Lebanon
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23 December, 2022
Green Without Borders, a Lebanese environmental organisation accused of having Hezbollah backing, has agreed to remove structures it had built on private land in the southern Lebanese town of Rmeish.
Hezbollah is especially powerful in southern Lebanon [Mahmoud Zayyat/AFP via Getty]

A Lebanese environmental organisation accused of links to the Hezbollah movement will remove structures allegedly built on private land in the southern Lebanese town of Rmeish, following pressure from residents.

Lebanese news channel LBC reported that Green Without Borders paved over more than 1.5 kilometres of agricultural land which was owned by Rmeish residents. The organisation has since agreed to remove the structures it was building in the town, according to Arab News.

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Multiple residents had called for the 'encroachments' to be removed, and their calls were echoed by Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi, the head of the Maronite Christian church.  

Rmeish is a predominantly Maronite Christian town in the far south of Lebanon and is situated along the border with Israel. It comes under the area of operations of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), a peacekeeping force that was established in 2006 following Israel’s invasion of Lebanon. 

Hezbollah’s armed wing operates along Lebanon’s border regions and is especially powerful in the predominantly Shia south, which the religious group considers its support base. 

Earlier this month, an attack on a UNIFIL vehicle in Al-Aqbiya village killed one Irish Blue Helmet and wounded several others. Fingers have been pointed towards Hezbollah over the attack.