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Gaza war: Hamas-Israel truce extended by two days

Gaza war: Hamas-Israel truce extended by two days, mediator Qatar says
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27 November, 2023
Mediator Qatar has confirmed that a truce between Hams and Israel has been extended by two days late on Monday, amid the final day of the proposed truce last week.

Qatar has confirmed that a truce extension has been agreed between Hamas and Israel in Gaza, which will see the temporary ceasefire prolonged by two days.

Doha, as well as Egypt, said earlier on Monday that they were close to reaching a deal to extend Israel's truce with Hamas, which would include the release of 20 Israeli hostages and 60 Palestinian detainees, he said.

With the release of 11 Israeli hostages expected on Monday, negotiations remain ongoing for the release of 33 Palestinians, Rashwan added

Over the past two days, hopes were significant for a possible extension to a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel as the truce entered its fourth and final day on Monday, with international mediators pressing for a longer pause to the fighting.

Hamas said it would be willing to extend the truce, while Israel said that the ceasefire could be prolonged by one day for each 10 hostages released.

The Palestinian group is also seeking the release of additional Palestinian prisoners. US President Joe Biden - a long-time ally of Israel - has also been pushing for an extension.

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However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to continue its brutal military campaign in Gaza with the aim of 'crushing' Hamas, raising questions of how long an extension deal could last.

This comes as a final batch of Palestinian prisoners and Israeli - and international - hostages are expected to be released today. Israel has received the list of the Palestinians that will be released, though concerns were raised earlier between Hamas and Tel Aviv over the detainees.

175 people have so far been freed, including 117 Palestinian women and child prisoners, in three groups of 39.

On the other hand, 39 Israeli citizens have been released by Hamas, in three groups of 13. As for international hostages, 17 Thais, one Filipino and one Israeli-Russian have been freed.

Israel has waged an indiscriminate and brutal war in Gaza, killing close to 15,000 Palestinians since October 7.

Hospitals, school and refugee camps have been bombed by strikes, with multiple rights groups decrying Tel Aviv's actions as war crimes.

Moreover, a complete siege has been imposed on the territory, cutting off essentials such as food, fuel and water.