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Gaza: Death toll surpasses 25,000, Rafah and Khan Younis hit

Gaza: Death toll surpasses 25,000, Israel strikes Rafah, Khan Younis
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21 January, 2024
The updated death toll comes as Israel's war on Gaza enters the 107th day, with overnight strikes reported across the enclave.
The death toll in Gaza has surpassed 25,000 people [Getty/file photo]

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza killed 178 Palestinians through in the past 24 hours according to an announcement by Gaza's health authorities, bringing the total number of dead since the beginning of the war to 25,105 since 7 October.

The announcement also stated that 293 Palestinians had also been wounded, leaving a total of 62,681 wounded since the start of the war.

The announcement comes after overnight strikes by the Israeli military on a number of locations across the strip, including a strike on a civilian car in Yarmouk market in Gaza City killing three.

The strikes come as Israel continues to carry out deadly raids in the occupied West Bank, including in Qalqilya, Hebron and the town of Maythaloun south of Jenin.

As Israel's war in Gaza continues, Israeli Prime Minister is under increasing pressure to negotiate for the release for the remaining Israeli hostages in Gaza, even if that means agreeing to a ceasefire in Gaza.