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Death toll rises in Al-Rashid Street massacre

Al-Rashid Street Massacre: Death toll rises to over 100
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29 February, 2024
The Palestinian death toll from Israel's war in Gaza has exceeded 30,000 as Israeli forces commit a massacre of Palestinians queuing for food in Gaza City.

Gaza's health ministry said Thursday more than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since Israel began its relentless war on the Palestinian territory.

While mediators say a truce deal between Israel and Hamas could be just days away, aid agencies have sounded the alarm of a looming famine in Gaza's north.

 Meanwhile, over 100  Palestinians were killed and 250 wounded in an Israeli massacre on people waiting for food aid in Gaza City this morning.

Those killed and wounded were shot at by Israeli forces while waiting for food aid.

The Israeli military shot at a crowd of people waiting for deliveries of food aid early this morning near al-Rashid Street, south of Gaza City.

The dead and wounded have been taken to al-Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza