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600 Palestinian children 'held under house arrest' in 2022

At least 600 Palestinian children subjected to house arrest by Israeli courts in 2022: report
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27 December, 2022
Palestinian children subjected to house arrest often develop psychological issues such as anxiety, as they are faced with a deprivation of education and social interactions.
Israeli forces routinely arrest Palestinians, including minors in the West Bank and east Jerusalem [Getty]

More than 600 Palestinian children were placed under house arrest by Israeli courts in 2022, according to the Commission for Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs.

The commission said Israeli forces resort to house arrest as a means to "punish" Palestinian children - mostly under the age of 14 - as Israeli law does not permit their imprisonment.

Consequently, the court orders their detention inside their home for a specific period in which the court examines the child detainee’s file until the a judicial ruling has been made.

Judicial proceedings can last between a few days and even a year before a verdict has been issued, and this period is not included in the child detainee’s house arrest term.

During this period, a child is not allowed to leave for school or access healthcare facilities without supervision, and must wear a tracking electronic bracelet.

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Israeli forces often impose these measures on Palestinian children in occupied east Jerusalem.

In 2022, Israel mainly imposed two types of house arrest on Palestinian children; the first being that the child detainee remains in their own home for a specific period in accordance with the court’s ruling, until a verdict is reached.

In such situations, parents are often forced to sell their belongings and use their savings to deposit money in the court’s treasury, in the hopes that authorities will ensure the child’s release.

Palestinian children can also be subjected to house arrest outside their family home, where they are forced to stay in an accommodation in a different town. Families are forced to rent a second property should Israeli courts impose this type of house arrest, which often results in financial burden.

Moreover, the commission stated that house arrest often leaves children with harrowing psychological problems including anxiety, as they are deprived of education, social interactions and typical daily occurrences, all of which aid a child’s development.

Israel, which has illegally occupied the West Bank and east Jerusalem since 1967, often subjects Palestinians of all ages to inhumane treatment and repeated violations of human rights.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners Society, more than 6500 Palestinians were arrested by Israel in 2022, including women and minors.