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How to show solidarity with Gaza and Palestine this Ramadan

How to show solidarity with Gaza and Palestine this Ramadan
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14 March, 2024
This Ramadan, it's important to keep Gaza in our thoughts and prayers. From charity to fashion, here are 9 ways to support and show solidarity to Palestine.

Ramadan is a time for Muslims to tone down our worldly pursuits and focus our attention towards self-purification and spirituality.

This Ramadan feels especially significant. With all the tragic events taking place around the world from Sudan to Congo to Palestine, there is much to reflect on and pray for. And whilst eligible Muslims must pay zakat, there are many other ways to help support and remember Gaza. I hope this list helps those who consciously want to do their part and show solidarity. 


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Buy Palestinian dates

Dates are traditionally eaten during the month of Ramadan around the world. They are highly nutritious and serve as an excellent energy boost after a long day of fasting. There are many different varieties of dates but Palestine is most well known for their Medjoul dates. Many companies and charities selling these dates give either 100% or a portion of profits towards Palestinian communities. By enjoying a sweet, healthy snack, you’re also supporting and donating towards the cause.

Check out: Humanity First UK

Iftar at Palestinian restaurants

Keep Palestinian culture alive by enjoying their delicious food! Food has always played a role in our societies to bring people together and keep traditions alive. It’s a language that connects us to our roots. Palestine is a land of ancient history and its cuisine has stood the test of time. Palestinian food is a testament to its diverse history and heritage.

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Stay informed

Stay informed about the atrocities occurring outside our bubble. Follow the right people and pages and connect with Palestinian voices and experiences through books and movies.

Plant olive trees this Ramadan

It is important to keep our spirits alive by having hope and staying active. In Gaza, we've seen people cooking with little food and children playing in the streets to remain steadfast. Planting olive trees, a symbol of connection to the land, is another great way to preserve that connection and provide a source of sustenance in the long term. The destruction of Palestinian olive trees is an attack and forcibly disconnects people from their land. Replanting olive trees is a symbolic way to fight back.

Shop Palestinian style

Many brands are doing incredible work to support the Palestinians by donating portions of their sales to the cause. Shopping consciously is a valuable way to support the cause. Effortlessly wearing attire that openly and proudly supports Palestine is a great way to show solidarity, keep Palestine on people’s minds and unapologetically stand for what’s right.

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Only a small handful of charities are on the ground in Gaza so keep that in mind when donating. However, there are other ways to offer relief for those who cannot donate money. This could be via crowdfunding, selling unwanted goods, donating clothing or other items you have to give.

Check out: Human Appeal's Gaza Emergency Appeal

Organising events

Organising events is a great way to raise money, raise awareness, and remember Palestinians. There have been many great events, from poetry nights to family days and webinars. It’s up to you to be creative and the money raised can go towards a charity or a specific cause.

Protesting and boycotting

There is value to protesting and boycotting. As Israel's onslaught continues, Palestinians in Gaza look to the protests happening around the world as a source of hope. They know we stand with them. By protesting and demanding an end to the genocide, we can help create the change we hope to see in the world. 

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Pray for Palestine

Prayer is crucial to maintain faith and perseverance in God. This is evident in the resilience of those living in Gaza. Studies have shown that people who practice a religion tend to suffer from fewer mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Prayers benefit both those we pray for as well as ourselves. 

“Worship none but Allah. Treat with kindness your parents and kindred, and orphans and those in need; speak fair to the people; be steadfast in prayer; and practice regular charity.” (Quran 2:83)

Mariah Idrissi is an international model, writer, and public speaker promoting modest fashion and female empowerment. Experienced in the modelling and fashion industry, she shares her inspirational journey with others.

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