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Apartheid and Seek

Apartheid and Seek: Why the US establishment is sticking with Israel, for now
2 min read
17 March, 2023
The New Arab Voice is our weekly podcast bringing you compelling stories from the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

The settler attacks in the Palestinian town of Huwara were as shocking as they were brutal.

Homes and businesses were set a blaze in a series of attacks that were described as a pogrom, and were the latest in a long list of Israeli violations of human rights and international law. 

The attacks in Huwara drew intense condemnation for government around the world, including in the US. 

The US is a long standing and traditional partner of the Israel and has consistently defended, ignored, or excused away their actions. But as the world becomes ever more away of the apartheid in Israel, this relationship is facing closer scrutiny from the voting public. 

This week on The New Arab Voice we explore how have relations between the two countries changed? Does Israel still enjoy unwavering support among Jewish Americans? And will the US stick with an increasingly far-right and openly racist government?

We're joined by Lara Friedman (@LaraFriedmanDC), the President of the Foundation for Middle East Peace (@FMEP), Iman Abid (@imanabid_), the Director of Advocacy and organizing at the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (@USCPR_), and Robert Lipton (@wiremother), a Jewish American research scientist and poet from California and campaigner for Jewish Voice for Peace (@jvplive).


This podcast is written and produced by Hugo Goodridge.

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