Breakdancing club in Tunisia offers hope to youth

Breakdancing club in Tunisia offers hope to youth


24 June, 2024

The Physical Expression Club in Tunisia‘s Bouhajla cultural centre, also known as the Thunder Crew, brings together the youth of the marginalised region in a country where school dropouts remain high.

Founded by Idriss Aouek in 2018, the club has welcomed more than 300 people over the years.

It now has some 50 active members, who according to Aouek, find solace and purpose in the club’s activities. According to a 2021 report by the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights, over 100,000 students leave school in Tunisia each year before completing their basic education.

Aouek said the club’s focus extends beyond developing artistic and athletic skills and that it helps transform the lives of the youth, providing alternatives to substance abuse, violence, and other anti-social behaviour.

The crew, who have won some national championships, combines physical expression with music and breakdancing.