Israel rules on Haredi exemption, Egypt heat causes blackouts, and AIPAC money pushes out Jamaal Bowmen



28 June, 2024

This week on The New Arab Weekly podcast, we discuss Netanyahu's recent comments that the intensity of the war in Gaza would decrease and the recent ruling by the Israeli High Court, which said that Haredi Jews would no longer be exempt from military service. Also Egypt's fuel shortages and the intense heatwave that has lead to blackouts across the country, as well as deaths. Finally, we talk about the recent primary race in New York, which saw pro-Palestine Congressman Jamaal Bowmen lose his place on the Democratic ticket, after AIPAC spent tens of millions of dollars supporting his opponent. 

Joining us to unpack the last seven day in the Middle East, we have Senior Editor and Journalist Nadda Osman (@naddaxosman) and Opinions Editor Benjamin Ashraf (@ashrafzeneca).

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