White Helmets start $1,000,000 crowd-funding appeal following Nobel disappointment

White Helmets start $1,000,000 crowd-funding appeal following Nobel disappointment
The Syria Campaign have published a call for a 'people's million', after the White Helmets failed to secure funding from the Nobel peace prize committee.
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07 Oct, 2016
Two White Helmets members reacted to the Nobel Peace Prize announcement this morning [Anadolu]
The White Helmets have made an appeal to the world for a million dollar in funding after the disapointment of missing out on the Nobel Peace Prize which was announced on Friday.

The Syrian Civil Defence launched a campaign for a "people's million" to purchase new rescue equipment, the same day they reported losing a volunteer in Daraa, south Syria.

"Today, the White Helmets lost a brave volunteer and narrowly missed out on the Nobel Peace Prize," Anna Nolan, director of The Syria Campaign said.

"Over the past few days the outpouring of love and support for these heroes has been overwhelming. That's why we're launching the 'People's Million' campaign. Every penny raised will go towards replacing their life-saving equipment, looking after injured volunteers and helping the families of those like Mahmoud who were killed saving others."

The Syrian Civil Defence reported the death of Mahmoud al-Muhammad, aged 24, on Friday and he leaves behind a wife and three children.

The White Helmets also reported that one of their rescue centres in Hama was attacked while the appeal was being announced.

The campaign on the White Helmets's website calls for a "prize of hope" which can be used to replace equipment which has been lost or damaged in action.

"Let's raise the $1 million they would have received in prize money and award them with our own prize of hope," the website said.

"We'll replace the equipment they've lost in attacks and help them look after the wounded volunteers."