'We da best': Palestinians celebrate DJ Khaled knafeh doppelgänger

'We da best': Palestinians celebrate DJ Khaled knafeh doppelgänger
Palestinians found a video of a 'DJ Khaled lookalike' serving knafeh in Nablus and they are unable to contain themselves...
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23 Nov, 2017
Knafeh is a sugary delight that Palestinians are famous for [Twitter]
A huge part of Palestinian identity is embracing knafeh. Even if you secretly hate it and find it too sweet, as a Palestinian, you know it’s our national dessert and you will defend it in all of its calorific sickly sweet, messy cheesy delight.

Knafeh is a staple of Palestinian culture. As Palestinians, we find knafeh in almost every single event. The more sugary the sauce known as atyr, or qatyr (depending on which part of Palestine you’re from) the more indulgent it is.

So often, as Palestinians, when we see knafeh on social media, we’re quick to share and tag our friends, ogling at the signature movement of swirling the cheese as the fork lifts the plate (the more the cheese stretches the better the knafeh) or to scrutinise unauthentic play-offs of the traditional Nabulsi recipe using Nutella or avocados or adding dye to turn it into a red velvet knafeh.

But this time, Palestinians are not only pushing a knafeh post on the internet out of nostalgia and pride in their culture, but because the one serving the sugary delight in Nablus to many, resembled Palestinian music producer DJ Khaled.

"What DJ Khaled is doing when he isn’t producing tracks", one person said. The famous Palestinian-American music producer is no stranger to knafeh. It frequently pops up in his stories on social media.

Of course, puns were not spared. His feature slogan "Another One" was mentioned between every few comments. 

"Khaled after all that knafeh finishes: 'i need ANOTHER ONE'", another commented.

There was also a massive degree of nostalgia for the motherland.

"I want some :( this is not fair! seeing knafeh on Facebook and I can't eat it... these things should be downloaded or something SOS", a diaspora Palestinian said.

This isn't the first time a knafeh post has circulated in Palestinian social media circles this week. It has even featured in a new Palestinian pickup line while implying that only knafeh made with Nabulsi cheese is the original knafeh.

Translation: they're all knafeh... but you are Nabulsi knafeh

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