This video of an Israeli comedian is going viral

This video of an Israeli comedian is going viral
Watch: TV show host Asaf Harel used the closing episode of his show to deliver an impassioned monologue urging Israelis to acknowledge apartheid.
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02 Mar, 2017
The video of Asaf Harel was shared over 5,000 times in two days [Screenshot]
A video of an Israeli comedy show host calling on Israeli society to wake up to the reality of apartheid has been shared thousands of times, and has now been translated into English.

In the video, Asaf Harel of the "Good Night with Asaf Harel" show, aired on Channel 10, criticised Israelis for ignoring Israel's apartheid system and the occupation.

Harel, described by some as "Israel's John Stewart", used the show's final broadcast to attack his country's ruthless treatment of Palestinians, which he said were swept under the carpet by the majority of Israelis.

"Gaza is on the verge of plague, hours on end without electricity or water. Israel controls everything that goes in or out," Harel said.

"Ever since the right-wing took power, more and more voices are warning of apartheid. Are you kidding? Apartheid has been here for ages. Ages. It's just that we're on its good side, so it doesn't really bother us," the show host continued.

"We've been abusing the Palestinians on a daily basis for years, denying them their basic rights.

"In [the West Bank] we're taking their lands from them. Once, we used the Jewish National Fund to raise money to buy the lands. Today? We just pass a law saying we can just take their lands and that's it," Harel said.

"Soldiers shoot at stone-throwers because they're a real threat, but if in Israel someone throws stones they won't even be charged.

"Palestinian journalists are put in administrative detention, without trial, because they wrote something," he added.

"For years we've been deepening the hatred, the same hatred that we later complain about in peace talks.

"Israel's most impressive innovation, more than any high-tech project, is our amazing ability to ignore what is happening mere kilometres away, to our neighbours. A whole people, transparent. Like it doesn't exist," Harel said.

The impassioned speech was translated by Haaretz. And while we wouldn't normally share their content, we're happy to make an exception this one time.

"This monologue is [...] sensational. Eloquent and brutal. Thank you Asaf Harel for being Israel's conscience," one user said on Twitter.

"Thunderous final monologue by comedian Asaf Harel against occupation. Many Israelis will agree. Many won't," another user said.

"Good Night with Asaf Harel" - one of Israel's most controversial shows on maintain television - will not be renewed for another season following poor ratings, according to Haaretz, despite having gained a strong following on social media.

It was once fined over an episode in which Harel ridiculed Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.