US missile strikes on Syria: Twitter responds

US missile strikes on Syria: Twitter responds
Social media has shown a huge split in opinions after US missile airstrikes on a Syrian regime airbase in the early hours of Friday, with some Syrians finding comic relief.
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07 Apr, 2017
Airstrikes firing at Shayrat Airfield [Getty]
Syrian social media users have reacted strongly - and sometimes with candid humour - to a series of US cruise missiles strikes on a Syrian airbase in the early hours of Friday.

The attack was in response to a deadly chemical weapons attack on Tuesday, which left scores of civilians, including at least 20 children.

The sarin assault on Khan Sheikhun has been blamed on Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, and President Donald Trump made it clear that the cruise missile strikes were in response to this.

Washington's missiles struck a Syrian regime airbase in Homs, which was used as a launchpad to conduct the devestating chemical attack.

According to Syrian regime media, Trump destroyed allthe aircraft that were located on the base.

They reported that 15 regime fighter planes were destroyed in the attack.

Althought the Trump administration had threatened the Assad regime with retaliation after the chemical weapon attack, few anticipated that the reaction would be quite so soon and would be conducted with airstrikes.

The action, though, was met with praise by a number of Syrians who have seen no end to Assad's brutality

Others pointed out Trump's hypocrisy by comparing his military action to his block on Syrian refugees entering the US.

And then there were those who pointed out that Trump's air strikes were a re-occurring feature in perpetuating the theme of bloodspill and war in Syria