#Trending: Omanis switch off phones in protest against networks

#Trending: Omanis switch off phones in protest against networks
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11 Oct, 2016
Boycott Omantel and Ooredoo: Protesters in Oman have united against their phone network providers for alleged bad service and high prices switching off phones off for two hours every day.
The boycott will continue every day for at least a week [Twitter]
Consumers organised a telecommunications 'boycott' on Monday evening in Oman in protest against perceived high prices and bad service.

The protest, in which users switched their phones off or onto flight mode between 4 and 6pm, was organised under the hashtag مقاطعه_عمانتل_واوريدو15 (#boycott_Omantel_Ooredoo15).

The hashtag was the top trending term in Oman on Thursday and Monday was scheduled as the first 'day of action'.

By not using any data during this time, the protesters hope the boycott will lead to reduced income for the telecommunications companies, ultimately pressurising them to do better.

Here are a number of selected tweets:

Translation: A daily boycott for a week, not one day. 4 - 6 in the evening.

Translation: We don't want a free service, rather a good service that is worth every Riyal - not expensive service with bad internet.

Translation: Everyone switch off their phones and take out their SIM cards before sleep to ensure the success of the boycott

Translation: Some tips on how to spend your time during the boycott: Do some sport, hang out with friends, read some books, spend some time with your family.

Translation: To whomever isn't participating in our campaign. Our boycott is for all of us. You should be ashamed.