#Trending: Love Arabic classic films? This is for you

#Trending: Love Arabic classic films? This is for you
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02 Jun, 2015
YouTube's Aflam library seeks to share 70 years of Arab cinema [AFP]
YouTube has created a new library dedicated to streaming Arabic cinema classics. The library has been named Aflam, after the Arabic word for "films".

Aflam provides Arabic film fans the opportunity to watch their favourite classics in high definition, or near quality. Google Arabia said today that Aflam contains 70 years of Arabic cinema.

Its search feature helps viewers find films by year, genre or the movie's stars.

A screen shot from Aflam library on Youtube

The new film library has more than 11,000 subscribers already and growing by the minute. Arab movie fans are thrilled.

It's worth mentioning that YouTube celebrated its 10th birthday in May, achieving a record of 300 hours of video content uploaded to the site every minute. So, a belated happy birthday to YouTube - and what a great gift for Arabic film lovers.