Sudan struck by 'size of a small car' meteor

Sudan struck by meteor 'the size of a small car'
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The New Arab

26 June, 2017
A meteorite “the size of a small car” struck Sudan early last week, the Sudanese ministry of minerals announced on Sunday, after witnesses confirmed a loud bang.
A meteor struck Sudan last Wednesday [Facebook]

The Sudanese ministry of minerals announced on Sunday that a meteorite “the size of a small car” had struck the state early last week.

Eyewitnesses told local media sources that they saw an object which was the size of a small car fall from space at dawn on Wednesday, which was then discovered to be a meteorite.

They said the fall caused a large bang and gave off a strong light that illuminated the sky in several parts of the country.

The ministry of minerals dispatched the head of the geological team, Osman Abu Aqla who confirmed the team collected some fragments of the meteor in Alabbasiya area of Kosti.

The meteors have been taken to the General Authority for Geological Research (GAGR) central laboratory for the study of rocks in Khartoum for analysis.

The meteorites were tested, and heir radioactivity levels have been found to be normal.

“It is considered from the rock sample that such meteorites are worth scientific value and contribute to studies and research,” Abu Aqla said.