#StGeorgesDay: The historical saint of England who is helping refugees today

#StGeorgesDay: The historical saint of England who is helping refugees today
Thousands of people use St. George’s Day to remind the English of the spirit of multiculturalism in honour of the 'immigrant' St George, at a time of rising anti-refugee sentiments.
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23 Apr, 2018
St. George became the patron Saint of England after standing up for Christians [Getty]
Millions of people across England - and some other parts of the world - are proud to be celebrating what is said to be an integral part of "English heritage" on 23 April.

Frequently it involves drinking pints, singing songs and feasting to mark St. George's Day - England's patron saint.

But questions surrounding the saint's roots have caused quite a stir on social media Monday.

According to English tradition, St. George was a high-ranking officer from the Roman army who stood against the military's torture of Christians at the time. His bravery and stance later helped him become the official patron saint of countries like England, Ethiopia, Georgia and Portugal, and cities such as Freiburg, Moscow and Beirut. 

But St. George wasn't even from England - he was actually born in Turkey in 270AD. For this reason thousands of people use St. George's Day to remind the English of the spirit of multi-culturalism and honour the "immigrant" St. George, at a time when anti-refugee and Islamophobic sentiment seem to be rife.

This is St George.

His dad was from Turkey
His mum was from Syria
He was a Roman
He died in Palestine
He never visited England
He didn't kill a dragon
He is a Christian saint
He is a Muslim and Jewish prophet
Happy #StGeorgesDay

Bloody immigrants. Coming over here from the Middle East, slaying our dragons, making themselves into our patron saint.

Happy #StGeorgesDay

St George is a big deal to my family, being a Saint from Palestine, and hence, my middle name. (Georgina) Happy #StGeorgesDay to all who share his name!

To all the xenophobic muppets celebrating England’s St George’s day. I am glad that immigrant, from Syria killed that dragon for you. #HappySyrianSaintsDay #StGeorgesDay

Happy St George's Day to everyone in England 🏴, and across the world 🌍celebrating #StGeorgesDay patron saint of immigrants and the persecuted.

Happy St George's Day to the racists of Britain who hate immigrants and celebrate the day oblivious to the knowledge that the man was of Turkish and Palestinian decent... #StGeorgesDay

Since the patron saint of England is Syrian/Turkish, it's a great day to celebrate how immigrants from all over the world have enriched England.

Happy #StGeorgesDay all!