Russia offers to teach US a lesson in 'shame'

Russia offers to teach US a lesson in 'shame'
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18 Sep, 2016
A Russian official has offered to take US diplomat Samantha Power on an all expenses paid trip to Syria, to teach her the meaning of the word 'shame'.
The Russian diplomat hit back at US envoy to UN on Facebook [Getty]

Russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman has offered the US ambassador to the UN an all expenses paid trip to Syria and teach her what the word "shame" means.

Maria Zakharova said she would pay for the trip herself in a bizarre Facebook rant to US diplomat Samantha Power.

"Dear Samantha Power, in order to learn the meaning of word 'shame' I would advise you to visit Syria and meet people there,” Zakharova wrote on her Facebook account.

"Not with al-Nusra [former name for once al-Qaeda-linked rebel group], nor with the moderate opposition - which Washington is so concerned with delivery humanitarian aid to," she wrote, referencing US efforts in getting Damascus to allow aid into Syria.

It came after Power attacked the Russian official saying she should be "ashamed" of accusing Washington of collaborating with the Islamic State group.

The US has criticised Russia's air campaign of almost exclusively targeting Syrian rebels who are fighting Bashar al-Assad and IS.

"For almost six years [Syria] has gone through a bloody experiment - with active involvement from Washington," the Russian diplomat continued.

Russia - like the Syrian regime - refer to Assad's armed opponents as "terrorists", rarely differenciating them from IS or al-Qaeda.

Zakharova claimed she was in regular contact with Syrians - including opposition representatives and orphans - who allegedly look towards Russia for reassurance.

"Why not go together?" she asked Power she said, adding that she would cover the expenses of the trip.

"Do not be scared. Nobody will touch you as long as you are accompanying me - unless your jets mistakenly strike once more," she said, in reference to a US friendly fire incident on Saturday, which killed dozens of regime troops who were fighting IS militants.

Power had previously rebuked Russian claims of US-Islamic State cooperation, noting it absurd to suggest such a claim after the militant group beheaded several US citizens. Zakharova soon responded. 

"In reference to your words claiming the US could not support those who cut off heads of the its citizens, please find attached a picture from Wikipedia," she wrote.

"US President Ronald Regan meets a delegation of Afghan mujahideen [fighters] in the White House, 1983."

Washington supported Afghan resistance fighters who successfully ended the Soviet Union's occupation of their country, and contributing to the fall of the Communist empire and creation of Russia.

Some elements of the mujahideen morphed into al-Qaeda and the Taliban, who the US have been fighting in Afghanistan.