Palestine: The open wound

Palestine: The open wound
Comment: The historical injustice against Palestine is the cause of violence - and only by restoring Palestinian rights will the violence end, argues Ali Anouzla.
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27 Oct, 2015
The violence is a direct result of Israeli injustices, writes Anouzla [AFP]

To describe the situation in occupied Palestine as being an aggression and a crime does not do the issue justice. An objective analyst would not find it hard to prove that current events are a continuation of the historical injustices against the Palestinian people.

It makes little difference if we describe the current situation as a third intifada or a precursor to an intifada.

We also should not spend too much time trying to find the right words to condemn the daily violence that furnishes our TV screens to the point that it has become an intrinsic part of us.

     The victims innovate new methods of resistance while the tormentors find elaborate killing techniques

Nor should we question the victim as to why he or she resorts to defending themselves with stones, kitchen knifes, bare hands or even simply by screaming.

This has been a repeated scene for more than 60 years - the only difference is that the victims innovate new methods of resistance while the tormentors find elaborate killing techniques to quench their thirst for blood.

It is easy to explain the escalating clashes in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank as the result of Palestinian youth losing hope that the occupation that has been crushing them for decades will come to an end.

We could also explain it as Palestinian youth being sick and tired of listening to the same old regurgitated speeches about peace, settlements and just solutions.

But these explanations will not change a thing on the ground.

It is also very logical to argue that current events are the natural and inevitable result of the policies of repression and subjugation suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of Israeli authorities and settlers.

However, none of these arguments will provide a solution.

The Israeli occupation has tried all the methods of repression and murder and committed crimes against humanity, massacres and ethnic cleansing, however it has not been able to prevent the victims from continuing their blood-soaked journey of resistance.

Forget about the political analysis and the commentaries that conjure up geography and political strategies - this violence is a direct result of the historic Israeli injustices against Palestinians since 1948 and through all of Israel's continuous massacres to this day.

If it were not for all of this Israeli oppression, there would not be such a violent Palestinian reaction, and if it were not for the compound historical violence, there would be no justifications for violent jihadi rhetoric in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

     If it were not for a historical injustice such as that of Palestine, would we see so many atrocities committed in its name?

We should not forget that the first Arab jihadist in Afghanistan was a Palestinian by the name of Abdullah Azzam, who was a product of this historical injustice.

We should also remember that Azzam's fellow traveller, Osama Bin Laden, left his country to fight the United States, which he saw as an ally to the Zionist regime that had committed unfathomable atrocities.

This is not to justify the inexcusable crimes and atrocities committed by al-Qaeda, but we have to ask ourselves: if it were not for a historical injustice such as that of Palestine, would we see so many atrocities committed in its name?

The violence, killings and pain that we witness today are manifestations of the historic injustice against Palestine, an open would that continues to bleed.

The strength of the Palestinian people lays in their just cause, as they possess a historical right that they have fought to preserve, carrying the scars as badges of honour.

The only way to right this historical wrong against Palestinians and stop the escalating confrontations in Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank is for justice to be done - by Palestinians being granted their legal rights.

Palestinians have the right to establish a sovereign and independent state, with Jerusalem as its capital, according to numerous agreements and international decisions.

This is the only solution that could end the historic tragedy that has spanned more than 60 years. Without this solution, the violence will only grow, and its victims will only increase as long as the oppression that feeds it continues.

Ali Anouzla is a Morrocan-Sahrawi journalist and editor-in-chief of Lakome. Follow him on Twitter: @anouzlaali

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