'Masonic' anti-cancer advert foretold consulate bombing, claims Egyptian conspiracist

'Masonic' anti-cancer advert foretold consulate bombing, claims Egyptian conspiracist
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14 Jul, 2015
Blog: Self-styled cryptologist Walid el-Sokkary has claimed to have exposed messages ordering the bombing of the Italian Consulate in Cairo in a children's cancer hospital advert.
Sokkary claims the advert transmitted Masonic messages calling for the bombing [YouTube]
A senior employee at Egypt's state-run news agency, MENA, has accused a cancer hospital's TV advert of being part of a Masonic plot, transmitting hidden messages to trigger the recent bombing of the Italian Consulate in Cairo.

MENA's marketing manager, Walid el-Sokkary, has posted a series of bizarre conspiracy theories relating to the sci-fi-esque commercial, which asks for donations to save the lives of children suffering from cancer.

The unusual advert features a green-skinned girl drawing architectural blueprints and wandering through a world that is being destroyed around her. It is revealed she is a cancerous cell within a tumor just before she too dies.

"There is a link between the strange new cancer hospital advert, which was uploaded [to YouTube] three days before the bombing," Sokkary said on his Facebook page.

Watch the advert and see for yourself
"The girl points at a building on a blueprint that is the same design and size as the consulate, it is also on the edge, as the Consulate is on the edge of the Maspiro triangle.

"The girl is also pointing to the location of the bombing on a narrow back street."

According to Sokkary, other evidence of a "Masonic plot" include the colours used in the advert being the same as the Italian flag, while many buildings appear to be destroyed before men in white suits point at "a Roman statue" - which then collapses and shatters.

"One of the Roman statue's hands is pointing up and the other down in the same exact position as the hands of Baphomet - the god of the Masons and the Illuminati," added the self-styled cryptologist.

Baphomet was the name given to an idol which the Knights Templar were first accused of worshipping in the 18th century.

In June 2014, the state news agency employee claimed to have uncovered a plot to assassinate President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, after apparently spotting a booby-trapped camera hidden in a YouTube video featuring Abla Fahita, a popular puppet character.

The bombing at the Italian consulate damaged homes of impoverished residents in the surrounding areas who also live in fear of being evicted to make way for new developments in the impoverished Maspiro triangle, a 31-hectre informal settlement.

Despite the four-tonne bomb's scale, casualties were minimal, with one fatality and nine wounded in the early-morning blast.

The 57357 hospital, meanwhile, is one of the largest children's cancer facilities in the world. It has provided free healthcare to children with cancer since it was founded in 2007.