In Brief

In Brief
The use of bots to troll Palestinians online is part of a systematic targeting campaign. But all the harassment and intimidation will not deter activists, who are committed to revealing the truth that Israel fears, writes Nooran Hamdan.
Muslim women have always resisted the chokehold of Western colonial modernity and continue to fight back against perpetual cycles of racist political legislation that still prominently feature nationwide in France, writes Yasmine Kherfi.
Anandi Ramamurthy shares findings from the Nurses Narratives project which paints a harrowing picture of the systematic racism experienced by migrant, black, Asian and minority ethnic health care workers during the pandemic.
refugees welcome - Getty
Eleonor Monbiot highlights the disparity between the treatment that Ukrainian refugees have received, and refugees from across Africa, Asia and the MENA who have fled war and poverty only to face violent rejection from Western nations.
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The UK government’s offshoring of refugees to Rwanda will likely exacerbate an already desperate situation, Drew Mikhael writes, following his interviews with refugees already living there.
Measle jabs in Afghanistan
Despite security improving in Afghanistan, the impact of sanctions and donor funding being frozen has been detrimental to people accessing urgent healthcare. A stable economy is key to addressing the problem more widely, writes Vickie Hawkins.
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The 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign will take place against a backdrop of a cost of living crisis and high levels of inequality, this could be one of the last attempts for the Royal Family to remain relevant, writes Paul O'Connell.
In Brief
Revoking abortion as a constitutional right in the United States is a scary step for women, but to say it's a step toward the 'Sharia Supreme Court' is Islamophobic and inaccurate, writes Diana Al Ghoul
Tadamon massacre Op Ed graphic [Al-Araby Al-Jadeed]
On 27 April the Guardian reported the horrific massacre of 41 Syrian civilians in Tadamon, a Damascus neighbourhood. As Russian crimes in Ukraine invoke Western outrage and support for Ukraine, Ammar Dayoub says we cannot expect the same for Syria.
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As Ramadan draws to an end, Razwan Faraz shares his reflections on the holy month, the lessons he learned about mental health, the habits he adopted and the commitment he is making to maintaining a practice that consciously brings him closer to God.