Freed al-Jazeera reporter's supporters celebrate by mocking Egyptian tycoon

Freed al-Jazeera reporter's supporters celebrate by mocking Egyptian tycoon
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24 Jun, 2015
Blog: After the release of Ahmed Mansour, Twitterers have rounded on Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris for his defence of the reporter's arrest.
Billionaire Naguib Sawiris has been targeted on Twitter [AFP]
Using the hashtag PartyOnSawiris'Expense, supporters of al-Jazeera TV presenter Ahmed Mansour - arrested and released in Germany - celebrated by mocking Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris on Twitter.

German authorities, reportedly acting on an Egyptian arrest warrant, detained the 52-year-old at a Berlin airport on Saturday. He was released on Monday after German officials said they had not been aware the arrest warrant was politically motivated.

Billionaire Sawiris had apparently been greatly pleased by the reporter's detention.

"Latest news.. Aljazeera announces that German authorities had arrested their presenter Ahmed Mansour at Berlin airport based on an Egyptian arrest warrant."

Sawiris followed this tweet with another: "Let's see what Qatar will do for you now??"

After Mansour's release, many Twitter users replied to Sawiris' post directly - many called him a traitor or gloated about his supposed humiliation.

@NaguibSawiris Pretend you are dead

Twitter user Nasser al-Nuaimi tweeted: "Qatar is bigger than you - and Egypt, God willing, will rid itself of corrupt military and their entourage who live on the blood of Egyptian people, such as this person."

Haya647 tweeted: "This is Germany, Sousou, not Egypt. I wish you could focus on this matter, it's Germany the free Bundestag."

Mutaeb al-Alamri tweeted: "Sawiris will not sleep today because he is busy blocking [Twitter users replying to his tweet]."