Anonymous sends video message to Lebanese demonstrators

Anonymous sends video message to Lebanese demonstrators
Blog: A YouTube clip purporting to be made by the Anonymous hacktivist collective is advising Lebanese demonstrators on how to conduct their "revolution".
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27 Aug, 2015
A Lebanese protester wearing a Guy Fawkes mask during demonstrations against corruption in Beirut [AFP]
Would-be Lebanese revolutionaries have been given a helping hand in the form of a five-point guide, posted online by a YouTube account claiming to be part of the Anonymous international network of activists and hackers.

Using a computer-generated voice and the V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask which has become synonymous with Anonymous, the creators of the video called on the Lebanese to continue with their demonstrations to overthrow the "corrupt government and its system".

The video clip outlined five key points:

1- The most efficient way to win control of the revolution is to have policemen on your side. The real enemies are the politicians, not the police.

2- Use social media frequently to express your anger. Tell your stories to the world on YouTube or Twitter.

3- Protesters should create their own symbol of the revolution - something Lebanon will not forget.

4- Stay united and do not let political parties hijack the protests.

5- It is well-known that, after a revolution, a new figurehead will come as a hero and rule in the same manner. Protesters should not let that happen. Therefore, they must lead a revolution without a ruler. While the word "revolution" may be terrifying to some, it is worth becoming free from corruption.

"We shall no longer tolerate rubbish governments. We should make the government fear us. Lebanon, let's rise up and bring this system down to its knees," the Anonymous message added.

It is not known if the video was created in Lebanon or elsewhere, but given the nebulous nature of the Anonymous collective - anyone, anywhere can be a self-identifying non-identifier - the video has been attributed to the global group.