Young Egyptian man commits suicide by jumping off Giza pyramid

Young Egyptian man commits suicide by jumping off Giza pyramid
Egypt's ministry of tourism confirmed the death of a young Egyptian man who committed suicide from the second largest pyramid in Giza on Sunday.
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09 March, 2020
The man scaled the second largest pyramid in Giza before jumping [Getty]

A young Egyptian man committed suicide from the top of one of the largest pyramids in Egypt, authorities said on Sunday.

The unidentified man climbed the Pyramid of Khafre - the second biggest and highest pyramid in Giza - before throwing himself off, the Egyptian ministry of tourism reported.

"The incident has been referred to the prosecution and all necessary investigations are underway," a brief statement said.

No further details were provided though local Ahram Online revealed a 12-hour stand-off between the man and police forces took place before he eventually jumped.

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Suicide rates particularly among young people have increased in Egypt, with figures from the Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms suggesting more than 150 25-30-year-olds have committed suicide in the past year alone.

In December, a 20-year-old engineering student stunned the country after jumping from the capital's highest tower.

Nader Mohamed, a student at Helwan University, was filmed by CCTV as he climbed over the barriers on top of the 187-metre Cairo Tower before jumping to his death.

In March 2018, a man attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest and largest of all pyramids in Giza.

At least 45 percent of Egyptian families are living below the poverty line, according to official figures.

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