World should 'thank Israel for killing Iran nuclear chief', says Israeli official

World should 'thank Israel for killing Iran nuclear chief', says Israeli official
A senior Israeli official told NYT that the killed Iranian scientist was a menace and that the world "should thank Israel".
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29 November, 2020
Israel has not formally commented on the allegations. [Getty]
The world should thank Israel for the killing of a top Iranian nuclear scientist, a senior Israeli official told the New York Times, adding that the Jewish state will continue to act against Iran's nuclear programme.

The official, responsible for tracking Mohsen Fakhrizadeh for years, requested anonymity to speak about the covert operations, NYT reported on Saturday.

Fakhrizadeh's role in aiding Iran with its aspirations to nuclear weapons posed such a menace that the world should thank Israel, the official said.

Fakhrizadeh, known as the head of Iran's former nuclear weapons programme, was killed on Saturday outside Tehran after succumbing to wounds sustained from assailants targeting his car.

Iran's Foreign Ministry suspects Israel was behind the assassination and has vowed to take revenge after investigations.

Israel has increased security in its embassies and consulates, fearing an Iranian response to the assassination, but has not officially denied the allegations, maintaining its policy of not commenting on such accusations.

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On Saturday, Israeli cabinet minister Tzachi Hanegbi said he had "no clue" who was behind the killing.

"I have no clue who did it. It's not that my lips are sealed because I'm being responsible, I really have no clue," Hanegbi told N12's Meet the Press.

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