Tehran sends shipment of food to establish Venezuela's 'first Iranian supermarket'

Tehran sends shipment of food to establish Venezuela's 'first Iranian supermarket'
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22 June, 2020
Venezuela is stocking its first Iranian supermarket, reports said, after a ship carrying food cargo entered Venezuelan waters.
Iran and Venezuela are both under heavy US sanctions [AFP via Getty]
An Iranian ship loaded with food approached the Venezuelan port on Sunday, set to supply the first Iranian supermarket in the South American country, according to the Islamic Republic's embassy.

"The Golsan will arrive carrying food to open the first Iranian supermarket in Venezuela," the Iranian embassy tweeted in Spanish on Saturday, announcing plans for the ship to dock the next day.

"Another success in friendly and fraternal relations between two countries #IranandVenezuela," the tweet added.

Iran recently sent five tankers with at least $45.5 million worth of gasoline and other products to Venezuela, as Iranian currency dropped to its lowest value ever under US sanctions.

Tehran has also sent a shipment of humanitarian aid – incuding vital medical supplies and testing kits – to help Venezuelans fight the coronavirus crisis, as the two US-sanctioned countries seek to strengthen bilateral ties.

The Iranian cargo ship Golsan, owned by Mosakhar Darya Shipping Co, departed on May 15 from Bandar Abbas, according to Reuters.

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Iran is reportedly expected to dispatch two or more monthly shipments of gasoline to Venezuela to help alleviate fuel shortage in the country after tightened US sanctions made it difficult to obtain gas from international markets.

The oil deals have attracted the ire of the US, which is expected to retailate in response to the growing bilateral trade.

Earlier in June, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced a planned visit to Iran to further ties and cooperation in energy and other sectors.

"I am obliged to go to personally thank the people," Maduro said in a television address. He did not specify a date for the visit.

The two countries have plans to sign a myriad of economic agreements regarding energy, finance, agriculture, military, and health.

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