US Republican resolution seeks draft text of Iran deal

US Republican resolution seeks draft text of Iran deal
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Washington, D.C.
12 September, 2022
A Republican resolution that seeks to require a draft of an Iran deal text is unlikely to pass, given the party make-up of the US Congress. It is one of many examples of concerns expressed as the deal gets closer to completion.
As the US and Iran come closer to a nuclear deal, various parties are trying to weigh in. [Getty]

A US Republican-sponsored House resolution asking for a draft of the Iran nuclear deal before it is signed will go to the House Foreign Affairs Committee for a vote next week, according to a report by Jewish Insider.

The bill, sponsored by Representatives Virginia Foxx of North Carolina and Joe Wilson of South Carolina, would require US President Joe Biden's administration to provide Congress with a draft of the deal, even if the negotiations are still ongoing. 

As the law currently stands, under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act (INARA), the administration is only required to submit the entire agreement once it is signed. 

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Predictably, it is seeing different responses from both parties, with Republicans saying it would provide a way to uphold the rules, while Democrats see it as a way of fudging the rules.

The bill will likely not pass, given the Democrats' presence on the House Foreign Affairs Committee as well as their majority in the House.

The renegotiations of the Iran nuclear deal, formally the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, ongoing in Vienna since April 2021, appear to be in the final stages, with Iran and the US submitting what looks like final requests on the details of the deal.

Any final deal, however, will have major opposition in both Iran and the US.