US issues Palestinian territories security alert ahead of Israel's planned annexation

US issues Palestinian territories security alert ahead of Israel's planned annexation
The US has warned its citizens in the Palestinian territories to be extra vigilant in the coming weeks, as tensions rise over the planned annexation of West Bank land.
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Tensions have been high in the West Bank as Israel edges towards annexation [Getty]
The US embassy in Israel issued a security alert for the Palestinian territories on Thursday, amid increased tensions over the Jewish state's plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.

The embassy advised its citizens living or travelling in the West Bank or Gaza to "maintain a high level of vigilance" and "increase their security awareness".

"Violence can occur with little or no warning," said the alert published on the embassy's website.

It mentioned checkpoints, markets, tourist sites and transportation hubs among a list of possible targets for attacks, but did not detail a specific threat to a location or to American citizens.

"US citizens should carefully consider risks to their personal safety and security when considering visits to sites and events that are potential targets," the embassy added.

The warning follows a pledge by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to annex parts of the West Bank, as outlined in a peace plan drawn up by Washington.

Israel has controlled the West Bank since seizing it in the 1967 Six-Day War."This is an opportunity which we shall not allow to pass by," Netanyahu said on Monday.

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The country's new government may table legislation to begin annexation as soon as 1 July, despite strong opposition from neighbouring Jordan and the broader international community.

The Palestinian Authority has rejected the US proposals and cut ties with Washington in 2017 over its pro-Israel stance.

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